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Frequently Asked questions

Q: Why aren't there more prices on your website?

A: We have a very large inventory, and specifically for crystals and minerals it's tough to have standard pricing when quality and size can be so variable. In addition, our inventory changes regularly. Nevertheless, you can always email or call with questions on stones, tools, etc and we can do our best to give you a quote.

Q: Do you ship? Can I order something off your website?

A: Yes we ship. And while we may not have the exact item to match the website piece/specimen, we should have something close. As we are still a relatively small family business (with two to three staff most of the time) we can't continuous update the site with new stock.

Q: What to you charge for shipping?

A: Usually we simply charge the estimated canada post rate by filling in the destination postal code, package dimensions and weight.  For expensive items we might add canada post options like signature/insurance.

Q: Can you help me identify a mineral I have?

A: YES! ... or at least we'll do our best! You can always bring something into our shop or email us a picture.

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